Laboral . Gjión . Spain


October 6th, 2023 - May 25th, 2024

The exhibition explores the poetics, politics, and technologies of the environment from the ground to the sky, and from soil to atmosphere.

Los Prados, 121, 33203 Gijón, Spain



Kat Austen, Anca Benera & Arnold Estefan, Felipe Castelblanco, Kent Chan, Denise Ferreira da Silva & Arjuna Neuman, DESIGN EARTH, Matthias Fritsch, Geocinema (Asia Bazdyrieva & Solveig Qu Suess), Abelardo Gil-Fournier, Hypercomf, Coti K., Lito Kattou, Zissis Kotionis, Pablo de Lillo, Manifest Data Lab (Tom Corby, Gavin Baily, Jonathan Mackenzie, Louise Sime, Giles Lane, Erin Dickson, George Roussos), Matterlurgy (Helena Hunter & Mark Peter Wright), Barbara Marcel, Víctor Mazón, Petros Moris, Sybille Neumeyer, Afroditi Psarra & Audrey Briot, Rotor Studio (Ángeles Angulo y Román Torre), Susan Schuppli, Rachel Shearer & Cathy Livermore, Stefania Strouza, Superflux, Paky Vlassopoulou, Thomas Wrede.

Weather Engines” (Motores del Clima") is an exhibition developed, organized and first presented at the ONASSIS STEGI in Athens (01.04 – 15.05.2022), and was realized within the framework of Studiotopia network, co-funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union.


Daphne Dragona & Jussi Parikka


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